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Under One Roof

RSMC is a leader in fertility options with the world’s only “One-Stop Service Model,” providing the most comprehensive solutions to infertility and its obstacles. Your time is valuable, so we integrate all treatment and services into one location, including our  surrogacy program and egg donation program. With our in-house model and on-site laboratory, we not only increase IVF success rate but also reduce your cost and time, making it easier for you to achieve your dreams of parenthood.

Leading IVF Technologies

A lab that stays up to date on the latest advances and practices in embryology will offer the best chance at success. Our laboratory does just that. We handle each embryo with the utmost care. Our laboratory staff works tirelessly to maintain and ensure our culture media, incubators, and handling apparatus are all working efficiently. Our 3rd Generation IVF, also known as Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), is beyond exceptional with our very own specialist leading the medical team. We screen for and identify specific genetic diseases, eliminating inheritance in future generations.

40+ Customized Protocols

RSMC takes personalized care to the next level. Our embryologists and lab specialists have over 30 years combined experience. This includes some of the most challenging fertility cases.  Every situation is unique and there are many factors that can affect fertility. Through their extensive industry knowledge, our staff has established specialized protocols for the IVF process, which can translate into hundreds of individualized treatments. We offer free initial remote fertility consultation for overseas intended parents, you will review your goals and medical records, allowing ample time to discuss your goals and questions. 

100% Guaranteed Plan

RSMC never declines service to patients regardless of nationality, sexual orientation, marital status, or reproductive history. RSMC offers an IVF Guarantee Program to qualified patients. This program gives intended parents additional confidence before their treatment starts.

24/7 Monitoring Lab

Our 5000- square meter lab is fully-accredited and inspected annually by the College of American Pathologists, as well as the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. A critical aspect of a successful IVF program is a well-run lab with an on-site full-time lab director. Dr. Oum is a certified High-complexity Clinical Laboratory Director (HCLD) who leads a team of experienced lab technicians, who can perform 7.5 day biopsy. Our lab utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and remains up to date on all the latest techniques. This ensures the best patient care possible.

Top Surrogacy Center in USA

America is one of a few countries where surrogacy is permitted.  RSMC has the nation’s largest surrogacy program. Our expansive surrogacy program features a stringent screening and selection process. This ensures our surrogates are healthy and highly qualified to carry a pregnancy to term. At RSMC all Surrogates have met doctor-established criteria, undergone extensive medical evaluations, and maintained a healthy lifestyle. Our selection standards go far beyond the widely accepted FDA standards. Prior to being accepted into our program, prospective Surrogates undergo a thorough pre-screening by an OB physician, preliminary diagnostic screening, background check and an intensive psychological assessment.

Comprehensive Insurence

When it comes to your journey, our goal is to make it as smooth and seamless as possible. Our proprietary insurance plans cover third party-related medical expenses as well as unexpected situations. When using a surrogate, medical care costs are a big concern for most Intended Parents. To eliminate this concern, we offer Universal Insurance to cover all medical expenses. This minimizes out-of-pocket costs for the Intended Parents.  Other insurance options include IVF Catastrophic/accidental insurance, Surrogate Life Insurance, Surrogate Permanent Disability Insurance and Loss of Reproductive Organ Insurance.

Exclusive Elite Lucina Egg Bank

Egg donation is legal in the United States, and the rights of intended parents are protected by law. Our donors are thoroughly screened to ensure that they have high-quality and viable eggs. You'll find your perfect match through our extensive donor database. Whether you are looking for a donor with high IQ, specific aesthetics, gifts or talents, our database enlists all the details to ensure you can match the characteristics most important to you. We are experienced in working with Intended Parents abroad and can ship your egg cohorts to anywhere in the world.

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